Culpeper Helping Culpeper

Full Circle has helped the community in a lot of other ways than donations and sales…. here are just some examples in which FCT has helped our Culpeper Community over the past few years.

  1. Full Circle gives $50,000+ annually to the VFW in donated convalescent equipment.
  2. A chest freezer was donated to the Culpeper Volunteer Fire Department to help with the 2016 carnival.
  3. Over 100 boxes full of unsellable shoes were donated by FCT to the Culpeper Community Development Corporation, which helped aid their fundraising project.
  4. In 2014, to the Culpeper Food Closet, we gave a $1,000 donation for turkeys, as well as buying them a chest freezer, valued at $900.
  5. Any historical items like maps or other items are donated to the Museum of Culpeper History.
  6. School Supplies were donated to the Head Start Program in May 2016.
  7. FCT aided the Culpeper County Library in 2016 by donating a lot of toys to their Frankentoy Project.
  8. We partner with adult clients through Culpeper Human Services to assist in purchasing furniture.
  9. Each year, Full Circle provides clothing vouchers to Culpeper Human Services, allowing their to get free clothes.
  10. We collect blankets and donate them to the Culpeper Animal Shelter.